Navigating Legal Waters: LAUSD Sports Team Fundraising Raffles Off Campus


Fundraising is a crucial component of supporting school sports teams, providing necessary funds for equipment, travel expenses, and other essential needs. One common method employed by sports teams is hosting raffles.

However, is LAUSD sports team fundraising raffle off campus legal when it comes to LAUSD sports teams conducting fundraising raffles off-campus, the legal landscape becomes a point of consideration. In this article, we will explore the legal aspects surrounding LAUSD sports team fundraising raffles held off campus.

Understanding State Regulations:

The legality of off-campus raffles for LAUSD sports teams largely depends on the specific regulations governing charitable gaming and fundraising in the state of California. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the state’s laws, as they vary, and compliance is crucial to avoid potential legal issues.

California’s Charitable Gaming Laws:

California regulates charitable gaming through the California Department of Justice’s Division of Gambling Control. While charitable organizations are allowed to conduct certain types of fundraising games, including raffles, strict guidelines must be adhered to.

Raffles must be registered with the local authorities, and specific rules, such as prize limits and reporting requirements, must be followed.

School Policies and Permissions:

LAUSD sports teams operate within the framework of the school district’s policies. It is crucial to review and understand the policies and regulations set forth by LAUSD regarding off-campus fundraising activities. Seek permission from the school administration and ensure that the fundraising event aligns with district guidelines.

Nonprofit Status and Tax Implications:

If the LAUSD sports team operates as a nonprofit entity or is affiliated with a recognized nonprofit organization, it may impact the legality of off-campus raffles.

Nonprofit status can offer certain benefits, but it also comes with responsibilities, including compliance with state and federal tax laws.

Permits and Licenses:

In California, charitable organizations, including school-related groups, may need permits or licenses to conduct off-campus fundraising activities.

It’s essential to check with the is LAUSD sports team fundraising raffle off campus legal appropriate local authorities to determine whether a permit is required and to obtain the necessary documentation.

Transparency and Accountability:

Even if off-campus raffles are legally permissible, transparency and accountability remain paramount. Keep accurate records of funds raised, expenses incurred, and ensure that the proceeds are used for the intended purpose.

This not only aligns with legal requirements but also builds trust with donors and stakeholders.

Consultation with Legal Professionals:

When in doubt about the legality of off-campus fundraising activities, seeking legal advice is a prudent step.

Consultation with legal professionals specializing in nonprofit law or charitable gaming regulations can provide clarity and guidance on compliance with applicable laws.


While LAUSD sports teams undoubtedly benefit from fundraising efforts, especially through raffles, it is crucial to navigate the legal landscape with care and diligence is LAUSD sports team fundraising raffle off campus legal. Understanding California’s charitable gaming laws, LAUSD policies, and obtaining the necessary permits are integral steps in ensuring the legality of off-campus raffles.

By proactively addressing these legal considerations, sports teams can continue to raise funds effectively and responsibly, contributing to the success and sustainability of their programs.

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